Has Your Dog Been Feeling Under The Weather? How A Trip To The Dog Groomers Will Help

Posted on: 27 September 2021

If your dog is recovering from an illness, now's the time to schedule a visit to the groomers. Sickness can leave your dog feeling weak and stressed out. One of the best ways to help your pet completely recover is to give them a full-service grooming session. You may think that a quick trip to the bathtub will do, but that's not the case. The family bathtub might do well for your dogs routine bathing, but that's not the case after an illness. Here are just four of the reasons you should take your dog to the groomers after they've been sick. 

Remove Lingering Germs

If your dog has been sick, they could still have some germs left in their fur. Depending on the type of illness, those germs could make your dog sick all over again. They could also make other dogs sick, especially if you plan to visit the dog park. That's where grooming comes into the picture. A full-service grooming session will remove the germs and bacteria that could be lingering in your dog's fur or on their skin. 

Rejuvenate Your Pet

If your dog has recovered from an illness, they may feel tired and fatigued for quite a while. This is especially true if they don't have a way to relax. A full-service grooming session can give your dog the pampering they need to get out and enjoy life again. Not only that, but if you add a doggy massage to the package, you can help your pet reduce the stress and anxiety associated with illness. 

Alleviate Matted Hair

If your dog has been too sick to care for their basic hygiene, they may be dealing with matted hair, especially if they're a long-haired breed. Matted hair can be downright uncomfortable for your dog, especially when the matted areas are so bad that they cause the skin to pull. Unfortunately, your dog might not want you to tug on their hair to remove the matted sections, which is where a full-service grooming session is beneficial. Your dog groomer can alleviate the matted hair, without causing pain or discomfort to your dog. 

Eliminate Pet Odor

If your dog has experienced vomiting or diarrhea during their sickness, they may not have the most pleasant odour once they recover. The best way to eliminate the odours, both body and dental, is to schedule an appointment with the groomers. Shampoo and conditioning will eliminate the body odours, while a thorough dental cleaning will eliminate their bad breath. 

Contact a local dog grooming service to learn more about available treatments.