• Veganism for Dogs: Sensible, Harmless or Irresponsible?

    Each year, more and more Australians are choosing to become vegan, and Australia is in fact the third fastest growing vegan market in the world. It's up to the individual to consider the various environmental and ethical implications of consuming animal products before making their own choice. Do you know who can't make that choice? Your dog. Your pooch is a domesticated animal, and so they eat precisely what pet food you give them.
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  • Three Central Guidelines for Planning for Puppy Vaccinations

    Canine vaccines are designed and made to protect dogs from dangerous diseases. In general, vaccination involves introducing special antigens into the dog. These antigens stimulate the formation of antibodies in the body for defence. Therefore, if some disease-causing microorganisms are introduced into the dog in the future, the canine immune system will be capable of defending against the illness. Without vaccination, your dog will be vulnerable to fatal diseases. If you have a puppy for the first time, consider these simple planning guidelines for proper vaccination.
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