• How to Protect Your Dog From Cane Toad Poisoning

    Australia is known worldwide for its poisonous animals, and cane toads are no exception. While cane toads don't usually kill humans, their poison can cause cardiac arrest in dogs. Here's how to protect your pooch from cane toad toxicosis. 1. Know How to Prevent Poisoning The best way to protect your dog from toad toxin poisoning is to keep them away from the toads that could cause them harm. Here are 3 ways to prevent a poisoning incident from occurring.
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  • The 5 Cats That Always Get Left in Shelters

    Animal shelters all over the world are packed with cats needing new homes, so if you're looking for a new furry companion, cat adoption makes a lot of sense compared to buying from a breeder. Certain types of cats, in particular, have a difficult time finding a new home, leaving them stuck in shelters for long periods of time. It's a sad life for these animals, who are often friendly, loving cats that just need someone to take a chance and care for them.
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