What To Do If Your Dog's Paws Get Burned

Posted on: 26 December 2017
Did you know that roads and pavements can get so hot during the summer months that your dog could actually burn his paws on them? Many pet owners don't, but paw burns are a common problem in a country with very warm summers like Australia. Burns can be very painful for your pup and could become infected. Severe burns could even do serious, long-term damage, affecting your pooch's ability to run and play.
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3 Essential Nutrients for Dogs with Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency

Posted on: 6 November 2017
Finding out your dog has exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (known as EPI or digestive enzyme deficiency) can be scary. While EPI is often caused by an irreversible condition like PAA (pancreatic acinar atrophy), it can be treated with lifelong enzyme supplements and nutritional changes. In particular, there are 3 essential nutrients your dog will need (either via their diet or through supplements and injections). Here's all you need to know about them.
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3 Illnesses You Could Catch From Your Dog

Posted on: 25 October 2017
Most people have caught an infectious illness from a family member in their lifetime, but many are unaware that furry family members can make you sick too. There are many zoonotic diseases (illnesses that can transfer from animals to people) that your dog could contract, and if you don't treat them quickly, you and your non-furry family could end up catching them too. Here are 3 health issues to look out for.
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First-Time Dog Owner: What You Need to Know About Dog Vacinations

Posted on: 25 September 2017
If you have recently purchased a puppy, at some point you will need to visit a vet to have the dog vaccinated. If this is your first dog, you may be worried or confused about dog vaccinations. Below is a guide to everything you need to know about vaccinations. How does a dog vaccination work? The vaccinations which are given to dogs are very similar to those which are given to humans.
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